Posted by: Steph | | June 11, 2010

I am an old lady at heart

As some of you may be aware, I’ve recently taught myself to crochet. Much like my bakery obsession, I’ve compiled a ridiculously long list of projects to try. This is more for my own personal reference, but you may enjoy looking at the ridiculous things I plan to create 😀
At the moment basically all of these are out of my league as I can’t crochet in the round (YET), but things like scarves I can do pretty darn easily 🙂 I just lack the time at the moment. Once again, click the picture to get to the pattern, but bear in mind some of these won’t work unless you have accounts with the sites that host them.

Me to You bear pattern

Me to You bear - my favourite kind of bear 😀

Cosmo the Dragon

Dragony awesomeness


Jiji the cat - anime awesomeness

Pretty hearts :3

An apple a day... -nom-

Pretty and fashionable. Win.

Basic - more for practice to be honest

I LOVE this one, and in fact I can already make it. If you want one let me know! Mind you, takes me a LOT longer than an hour lol

THIS is pretty much THE reason I learned to crochet

Socutesocutesocute! :3

Bunnies = win

See? Win.

Now all I need is the time to learn to crochet in the round and time to practice… sigh.
Oh and the money for more yarn 😛



  1. No offense, but I never thought crocheting would be badass.

    Then I saw the cerebrus and the dragon designs and they were just awesome.

  2. I want a scarf! Make me a scarf! And a mini one for the baby LOL!

    • Oh man. For a moment Amy I confused you with a different Amy and I was like “BABY??? WHAT BABY???” haha.
      And I’ll gladly make you a scarf when I’m done with exams 🙂 I need to be back at work before I can afford to buy more yarn. Any preference on colour?
      As to a baby one… knowing my luck I’d use weird materials and it’d choke on it or something X_x

  3. Dragon is epic. Would happily pay for a scarf if you were making to order!

    • Depends what you’re after Daniel 🙂 talk to me after exams and I can probably whip something up!

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