Posted by: Steph | | June 13, 2010

Cinnabuns = Win.

Yesterday Amy and I began the magical adventure of making Cinnamon Buns (or Cinnabuns as the guys later dubbed them) – and it was… well… magical. So here for your viewing pleasure is the wonderful (albeit exceedingly long) process and end results. Yay pictures!

Let me begin by saying that we used the recipe from Simply Sweeter (if you click that link, you need to scroll down to find the recipe) – we did, however, halve it because the original recipe makes 64+ cinnabuns. As it is, we had way too many leftovers. They were ridiculously delicious but I think I’m going to be sick if I force myself to eat another leftover.
So onwards to the imagey goodness!

Yellowy goodness? ... No I probably wouldn't eat it at this point either.

Yeah... that's less than half of what gets used


My RIDICULOUSLY adorable co-baker

Only a few of you will get the joke... but - RIVERSIDE!

It doesn't look big enough to make 32+ rolls does it? ... trust me, it'll do it

That sound you're hearing is your arteries trying to run away in fear

Yeah we had no paper towels left... that proved to be a problem

Cinnamon-ing it up

It's so wrong it's right

Even when glaring at me for taking the photo for the fifth time she looks amazing 😛

I adore this one. It pretty much sums up our baking experience. Oh and yes we had to use tea towels to block the butter/cinnamon/sugar mixture from escaping due to the lack of paper towels


... Ew.

She had to hold those for like 10 minutes while I wiped down the benches XD

Tiny scrolls of delicious

Pans chillin' on my psych notes. I know where my priorities are.

Fresh out of the oven and simply amazing 😛

So good I had to show it twice

Maybe even three times XD

Transporting these is harder than you'd think

Iced and almost ready for transport. Just missing the pecans!

Perfect. What could possibly make it better?

Duh. Eating it.

These went down a treat. The words “orgasmic” and “outstanding” were thrown around quite a bit. As you can probably tell though, we did commit a small crime… namely I didn’t let the dough rise enough hence why they’re mini cinnabuns. Frankly I don’t think they suffered all that much for that.

Clearly they're just happy about the baked goods.

So there you have it. Good friends, good food, good times. Was an amazing day followed by an equally excellent night in the company of awesome people. Throw in that I saw my first ever shooting star on my way home and I think we can chalk that one up to a massive success.



  1. 😀 im pretty much famous now that i made it on here!!

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