Posted by: Steph | | July 20, 2010

Double Shot Blog

Be warned, this one’s image heavy.

So two things to share today. Firstly, I went to the zoo with Amy yesterday πŸ˜€ Amy is a gold member of zoos SA, so she gets free entry for herself and a friend. She also volunteers there, so on her way in to sort out some “official” stuff, she was kind enough to pick me up and take me with her.
I ADORE the zoo. In fact when I go to Toronto there’s a good chance I’ll take two days out just to make sure I see all of Toronto zoo haha.
But I digress.

Funi says hello

Have I mentioned that I LOVE bunnies? No? Okay. I FREAKING LOVE BUNNIES πŸ˜€ this one is named Bubbles

Joeys (I just realised I don't know the correct plural of Joey) chillin' in the sun

I'd love a pet quokka. Just to see people's blank expressions when I say "I have a quokka"

Yes, the tigers at Adelaide zoo ACTUALLY EXIST

And they go fishing with their tails it seems.

That looks... strangely comfortable actually

Lion Love!

I ADORE Wombats. I think I'll have to run a small wildlife rescue when I'm retired just to get my hands on one XD

Pensive meerkat is pensive

For Damon hehe

My favourite animal of all time - the red panda! Sadly ever since they moved their enclosure to be with the giant pandas, I've never seen these guys because they hide in their hut most of the day. I happened to catch one just as I was leaving. I melt! ❀

Was a good day πŸ˜€ although my ankle is killing me today as punishment. Clearly I am not permitted to walk that much.

So today I decided to bake something, predominantly because I have people coming over tonight who can consume it and also because it’s been ages since I’ve done so. Unfortunately, these REALLY didn’t turn out as nice as I hoped. I’ve been trying to find a recipe I once used a while ago, but I didn’t document where it came from. I’ve been eliminating the possibilities one by one, and sadly this was NOT it. Furthermore, the icing on this recipe was sub-par at best. As a result, I won’t post the recipe because honestly it’s not worth making yourself. However, enjoy some photos of the process!

In the beginning, there was butter, castor sugar and vanilla bean paste

Then self-raising flour and milk were added to this

These were baked, but the Steph was dissatisfied.

The icing also lacked that certain je ne sais quoi.

It also lead to an unholy amount of cleaning up

Steph then attempted to use a piping bag for the first time in her life... and it was not good.

But still...

It could have been worse.

So that’s my failure for the day. And yes I know the icing looks dreadful. I have no idea what possessed me to try green icing. And I’ve never attempted to properly pipe icing on before, and I proved to be very bad at it haha. Plus my piping bag was split and missing one of the attachments, so I’m pretty certain it was far more difficult than it should rightly be. It also didn’t help that the recipe for the icing itself was quite lacking, both in flavour and texture. Won’t be using that one again.

And now I am off… I think I might take a nap.



  1. Existential Tiger is existant.

  2. I can’t think of any thing to say but just to let you know I am reading πŸ™‚ xo

  3. Does the zoo still have seals? I like seals.

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