Posted by: Steph | | August 29, 2010

Saying Goodbye

To Adelaide!

Photoblog for the win.

Scrapbooking stuff for Monica 😀

Cupcakes with Danielle

She approves

Gettin' touristy with Anton and Emma

I love it when people turn my characters into pretty art

Adorable? Yes. Totally eat your face off? Yes.

One last trip to the UniBar

Edmund, meet Wentworth

We say farewell in style

I shall miss Shaun's lapdances -sniffles-

Unimpressed? Disinterested? Both?

Glowsticks for the win! Thanks James 😀

This guy = epic top bloke.

And this kid just rocks my rainbow toe socks

Mmmm pretty candles

One day her cuteness will cause my head to implode

There was valid reason for the awkward barnyard.

Thanks Elyse ❤

And Mez! 😀

Well played Adelaide. Well played.

78 hours and 11 minutes to go.


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