Posted by: Steph | | September 3, 2010

Hello Canada!

So after over 24 hours on planes and in airports (incidentally, a word of advice: when planning a trip that long, PACK A CHANGE OF CLOTHES IN YOUR CARRY-ON LUGGAGE. Man 24 hours without showering or changing clothes is unpleasant), I have finally arrived in Guelph. Things have been going AMAZINGLY smoothly oddly enough. In spite of all the issues I was worried about with my luggage, it all ended up going off without a hitch. Also, Canada Air served me maple syrup made in Australia. I found that a lot funnier than was necessary.
Right now I’m jetlagged as hell, and consequently ended up missing the second half of orientation (oops). Instead my housemate Cassie (who is also our RA) took us on a shopping trip, which proved to be far more epic than I’d anticipated. Walking shoes are ridiculously necessary ASAP.
Everyone here is lovely. Sam picked us up from the airport and ended up loaning me a pillow and Hollie all the bedding she needed. Cassie is really well set up, so I haven’t had to buy anything like crockery or cutlery, and there’s appliances galore. It’s all
SO helpful – I can’t even begin to express my relief or gratitude. Those two girls have made life so much easier already.

The room is huge, which is funny because mine is so bare. It’s truly comical when you compare it to Cassie’s which is delightfully full of homey touches.

I have started a tally of how many squirrels I see. I’m up to four. I’m hoping to reach a truly absurd number by the time I leave here.

Onward to photos:

My present from Hollie ❤ SO ADORABLE.

Cheap compared to Aus? Heck yes!

Dunkaroos gone insane!

4 of 4 haha

My little cupboard of win!

My housemate made these awesome stencils for decoration. These are my favs!


View from my room

Desk... exciting.

View when you walk in

Side view of desk

Bed 😀

My bookcase is so empty 😮

Wardrobe - I lack coathangers so temporary solution

My ingenious solution to needing so many adaptors

Too tired. That is all.

Keep safe



  1. Hi hun,

    Awesome photos, loved seeing a little glimpse into your new life.

    How surreal is it all? you must be pinching your self the whole time wondering if it is all real.

    Look after your self and enjoy every second.

    Love you lots xo

    • It still hasn’t really set in. Like I recognise “yes this is my house now” but it hasn’t really set in that I’m not actually at home haha.
      It’s only when I pull out my phone to text someone back home and then go “Wait… I can’t do that” that it kinda hits me.

      Will do hun, and speak soon xox

  2. Still don’t feel like I went to Europe either. Twas so whirl wind. I look back at photos and every time I sit there in awe that I actually saw all those beautiful and amazing places. xx

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